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New recognitions for Plantaže wines from London

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Plantaže wines made a great success at the largest international wine competition in the region in Skopje

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Workers are needed for the operations of picking up the peaches in the company

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The twentieth regular meeting of shareholders's assembly of the company 13. jul Plantaže a.d. Podgorica

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Powerful Vranac Barrique 2016

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The unique Montenegrin region, located between Adriatic Sea, Lake Skadar and the high mountains, creates ideal conditions for growth and development of authentic grape varieties, from which Plantaže company produces magnificent wine with unique and discintive taste. The Montenegrin wine region is located on southernmost point of th...


The story of modern viticulture and wine making in Montenegro began in the Sixties, when farms in the area of ​​Podgorica, Danilovgrad and Virpazar were joined in Agrocombinat “13. jul”, which later developed into a modern company called 13. Jul – Plantaže. Building a vineyard of 1,500 hectares in Ćemovsko polje was a ...


Ćemovsko polje vineyard.  Thirty kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, next to lake Skadar, are infinite rows of grapevines  form one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe – Ćemovsko polje. It covers 2.300 ha with around 11.5 million grapevines. The vineyards are boarded on one side by riverbed of Ci...

Wine Cellars

Company 13. Jul – Plantaže has three wine cellars. Lješkopolje, the company’s oldest wine cellar, has been renovated and transformed into a space for aging special, limited edition of wines, as well as for experimental vinification. Around  100 micro-vinifications are made per year in this basement. ...


13. – Jul Plantaže’s wines have won more the 800 awards and honors on international assessments, competitions, and exhibitions. The most successful year was 2017 when Plantaže won 32 medals at the most prestigious international assessments, and the brightest and most significant was historic gold at the Decanter in London, for a special wine...

Other products

Portfolio of Plantaze company is rich in the production of other products which include: table grapes, peach, olive oil, vine grafts, trout.

Visit us / Wine Tourism

Experience Montenegro – the land of wine and visit us in the largest single vineyard in Europe, located in the heart of Podgorica. Discover Plantaže’s long tradition of growing grapevines and producing wines, on terroir where climate and soil create unique synergy. Vineyard Ćemovsko polje covers an area of 2,300 ha, of which 60% is planted with indigenous grape Vranac, besides other international varieties of grapevine. From grapevines cultivated in this vineyard, come wines that are awarded at the most prestigious world competitions. In unique and authentic surroundings, with premium wine tasting and food specialties, indulge yourself in learning about our story.

Our restaurants

The land of Montenegro is best to experience through food and wine. Within the restaurants of our company Plantaže, 13. jul – Plantaže and Restaurant Jezero, guests have the opportunity to enjoy a great variety of fish and meat specialties. Here you will have a unique and unforgettable experience, in a place where some of the most authentic European wines are born, bringing you rich memories of the taste of Vranac and Krstač, as well as national cuisine specialties prepared by the top chefs of Plantaža’s restaurants.

Restaurant 13. Jul – Plantaže

This newly opened restaurant is located near the wine cellar Šipčanik and the largest vineyard in one piece in Europe - Ćemovsko polje, only 8km away. Restaurant 13. Jul – Plantaže is part of the wine touris...
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