French Ambassador has visited the company 13. Jul-Plantaže

Symbolically with the harvest of Vranac grapes , co-operation with French partners has been agreed upon

The company 13.Jul-Plantaže has hosted this morning the Ambassador of the Republic of France, HE Christian Thimonier and the representative of the French-Montenegrin Companies Club, Mr Rajko Uskoković who used the opportunity to take part, together with the Board of Director and the management of Montenegrin wine giant, in the harvest of Vranac this year and get acquainted with the vast area of vineyards in Ćemovsko polje.

As they entered the Šipčanik place, the guests were welcomed by the director of viticultural and fruit production, Mrs Milena Mugoša who introduced them to the characteristics of the largest single vineyard in Europe as well as interesting information on the autochthonous varieties.

’’ We are pleased to be Your host. Vranac is specific for us and it covers 70% of the area. We grow over 26 different wine grape varieties. Table grape varieties spread on the surface of 135 ha. As for the French varieties, Chardonnay, Merlot and many other varieties stand out. So far, we have completed 70% of the harvest this year,’’Mugoša explained.

After that, necessary equipment, consisting of: aprons, gloves, scissors and bins. A fantastic atmosphere marked the harvest of Vranac and its visitors have not hidden their impressions. Ambassador of the Republic of France, HE Christian Thimonier, pointed out that an immense space , covered witht he grapevines of the company 13.Jul-Plantaže represents a true dream for every French.  

’’ This is a very important moment for me. I feel at home here. I think that the French and Montenegrins have the real wine soil. This place is great! I heard that it has been visited by a great number of tourists. Yesterday,  I tasted ’Premijer’ and it’s superb. I think that Vranac pro Corde is also fine. The proof for the exchange between France and Montenegro is that there have been French and Montenegrin types of wine in this vineyard and it takes us to good results,’’ Thimonier said.

A representative of the French-Montenegrin Companies Club, Mr Rajko Uskoković, who visited this vineyard for the first time, agreed with him.

’I can tell that we are very impressed with the sights. We are glad that we can convince ourselves, at the very site, of the capacity that the Montenegrin brand Plantaže possesses. We think that it is the real way in which France, as a country of wine, can be a promoter and an associate with the company Plantaže. We hope that a working visit to this place today will transform into a joint venture which will bring concrete results, Uskoković stated and revealed, at the same time, that his favourite Montenegrin wine is Vladika as well as that the French think that our country produces good wines.

Upon the completion of successful harvest, they have visited a unique wine cellar called Šipčanik, the treasury , located in the heart of the hill, bearing the same name. Accompanied by the kind hosts, the visitors had an opportunity to get acquainted with the marvellous ambiance within which the best varieties have been held.

Upon tasting of sparkling wines and traditional Montenegrin breakfast, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the company 13.Jul-Plantaže , Mr Nebojša Vuksanović, did not hide his pleasure for having succeeded to exchange the experiences and initiate the negotiations on possible forms of co-operation with the French partners.

’The impressions have been very positive. The key issues were new technologies in the production as well as new distribution channels.We believe that such contacts and renewal of good traditions when foreign diplomats visit most relevant companies, could and should open some potential co-operation in future between Montenegrin and the companies abroad. What links Montenegro and France is love for wine,’ Vuksanović concluded.