13. – Jul Plantaže’s wines have won more the 800 awards and honors on international assessments, competitions, and exhibitions. The most successful year was 2017 when Plantaže won 32 medals at the most prestigious international assessments, and the brightest and most significant was historic gold at the Decanter in London, for a special wine, Cabernet 2012 from the Stari podrum series.

During 2018, the year in which Plantaže celebrated the Grand Jubilee – 55 golden years, company continued with success. Soon after Epoha won gold at the Mundus Vini contest, held in Neustadt, Germany, golden quality was confirmed at the wine festival Vino Ljubljana 2018, where most of the wines won awards.

In the meantime, new awards came –  Great trophy for the best indigenous wine Vranac Premier 2009 from Sofia, as well as 8 prestigious medals from Decanter 2018. This represents the continuity of winning awards in the most important world competition.

The latest awards came with the Decanter Asia Wine Awards, which is the most important competition of wines from around the world in Asia, where Plantaže won silver medal for the Epoha (2012), Premijer (2009), Vranac Reserve (2011), as well as 4 bronze medals and traditional recommendation for Vranac Pro Corde (2013).

After Asia, at the international competition, AWC Vienna gold medal was given to Epoha (2012), Vranac Reserve (2011) and Premijer (2009), while silver medals went to Vladika (2015), Vranac (2015) and Vranac Pro Corde (2013).

Throughout 2018, the company was recognized as Regional Business Partner 2017 and in addition, received a very special award BEST PARTNER 2017 which is presented to the company that bears the title of the best partner. The winner is chosen on the basis of secret votes of last year’s laureates. At the traditional event „Biramo najbolje u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu“, organized by Tourist organization of Podgorica, Plantaže were awarded significant acknowledgment called Best Company in Podgorica in 2017. The company said that being a favorite brand in the home town of Podgorica shows that they have consumers, fellow citizens who appreciate them, with whom they can celebrate successful vintages and awards from all over the world. That serves as the highest recognition and the main motivation for further successes.