Montengrin Val – dry

Sparkling wine
Very smooth and fresh on taste, complemented by yeast notes. It has fine pearly foam, which make it lively and fresh. It has fine foam, pearly foam.
Montengrin Val – dry


Wine variety Krstač, Chardonnay
Alcohol 12%

Montenegrin Val is a sparkling white wine produced by a traditional champagne method of secondary fermentation in a bottle. It has dominant notes of ripe apples, litchi, pears, and white cherry. In the background stand out aromas of toasted almonds and hazelnuts. Wine is vibrant, elegant, with a delicious fruity taste and fine steady bubbles.


Temperature: 9–11 °C
Glass: Champagne Fluittes

Food pairing

Montenegrin Val dry wine is recommended at the end of the meal with dessert or hard cheese.


Technical characteristic


Despite the extremely high temperatures and dry weather, the harvest of 2015 was of exceptional quality, not only for the production of red but also for white wines. The grapes were in excellent health. The harvest was carried out exclusively at night (because of the lower temperatures) in order to preserve the full aromatic potential of grapes.


VITICULTURAL AREA Valley of Lake Skadar, Podgorica’s viticultural area
LOCATION Ćemovsko polje; microlocalities: Tuzi and Dinoš
SOIL shallow, skeletal
PLANTING DENSITY 2.60 x 1.00 m
CULTIVATION unilateral and bilateral Guyot
AVERAGE AGE OF GRAPEVINE Chardonnay – 20 years, Krstač – 10 years

Technical information

GRAPE VARIETY Krstač, Chardonnay
YIELD 8.5–10 t/ha
HARVEST TIME beginning of August
VINIFICATION The base wine for the production of sparkling wine is obtained by fermentation of grapes with a higher content of acid, and lower sugar content. After aging on the lees in inox tanks for a period of 6 months, the wine undergoes second fermentation in bottles, where it ages for a year
DURATION OF FERMENTATION primary fermentation 10-20 days, secondary fermentation 1- 2 months. Malolactic fermentation: controlled malolactic fermentation with the use of selected malolactic bacteria
AGING The base aged in inox tanks on the fine lees up to 6 months. After secondary fermentation sparkling wine aged on the “yeast” for about 12 months and a few more months after degassing  in order to harmonize wine. In this way the wine is enriched with mannoproteins and polysaccharides, contributing to the fullness of taste and creates tertiary aromas, enriching the primary and secondary aromatic complex of wine.
DURATION OF AGING up to 2 years
CHEMICAL ANALYSIS alcohol–12.00 %vol, pH–3.08, total acids–5.28 g/l, reducing sugars – 24.15 g/l