Plantaže’s vineyard represents one of the largest vineyards  from a single piece in Europe and spreads over  the area of 2 300 ha. Over 2000 hectares of this area contain wine grapes and the rest contain table grapes.

The annual yield of wine grapes is over 18,000,000 kg, while it is 1,743,160 kg for table grapes.

The harvest is done manually as well as  with the help of modern machines and technologies. The grapes are harvested by categories of quality, which are set and determined each year. Raw materials for quality wines are harvested with machines while  materials for premium wines like: Pro Corde, Barrique, Medun, Bishop, Luca, Anime Pro, Reserve are hand-picked. Each year 800 to 1000 workers are hired for manual harvets.

Harvest of table varieties last from early July until the end of September, often by mid-October. Harvest of wine varieties runs from late July to the end of September and depending on weather conditions, sometimes the whole month of October.