About the company

Company 13. Jul – Plantaže was founded in 1963, with the first vineyars located in Ćemovsko polje.

Through the long tradition of our existence, the core values ​​of the business have always been: quality, integrity, security, trust. These values have accompanied the development of the company for more than half a century and have strengthen its leading position at the local, regional and world market.

Today Plantaže is a modern company known for its authentic varieties of  Vranac and Krstač wines -award winning wines with geographical origin from the largest vineyard in Europe – Ćemovsko polje and an impressive wine cellar Šipčanik where over 2 million liters of wine mature. On the other hand Plantaže are the backbone of the national economy and the biggest exporters in Montenegro. Products of the company are exported to over 44 countries worldwide, including coverage on almost every continent.

Besides the production of wine and brandy, the portfolio of the company includes activities such as: viticulture, vine grafts, trout farming, olive oil production and restaurants. Plantaže can boast one of the largest vineyards in Europe, covering an area of 2.310ha with three wine cellars, as well as plantations of peaches, vine stocks, olive groves and ponds with rainbow trout. The main focus has always been manufacturing high quality wines, with 11 million grapevines and even 17 million bottles annually, Plantaže is the biggest producer of grapes and wine in the region.

The parent company is located in Podgorica, Montenegro and there is additional business unit in Belgrade, Serbia. With over 650 employees, it is one of the most important employers in the country. In step with the changes of modern times, the imperative of the business represents sustainability, system quality, satisfaction of our customers, employees and business partners, as well as corporate social responsibility.

‘One of the business imperatives of our company is to be the best in what we do, in all aspects of our business. Careful planning of development, permanent investments to achieve the premium quality of the product, decades of experience in this business, following the vision of the founders, achieved synergy among owners, management and employed with social business responsibility are the recipe for continuing success of the company 13 jul-Plantaže for over half of the century.