The unique Montenegrin region, located between Adriatic Sea, Lake Skadar and the high mountains, creates ideal conditions for growth and development of authentic grape varieties, from which Plantaže company produces magnificent wine with unique and discintive taste.

The Montenegrin wine region is located on southernmost point of the Adriatic coast. Proximity to the sea largely determines the microclimate of Ćemovsko polje. The influence of the Mediterranean climate extends over the wide valley of the Bojana river, all the way to Podgorica, near which is Ćemovsko polje vineyard.

There is a belief that wines are „children of the climate“, therefore their character and quality are directly derived from the vineyard. For this reason „Plantaže“ produces wines that reflect their orgins. Respect for the country and its history, for its vineyard and what is born of it, are some of the fundamental values of the company. Plantaže’s wines, which are among the best Montenegrin wines, proudly bear a strong imprint of its region.