The story of modern viticulture and wine making in Montenegro began in the Sixties, when farms in the area of ​​Podgorica, Danilovgrad and Virpazar were joined in Agrocombinat “13. jul”, which later developed into a modern company called 13. Jul – Plantaže.

Building a vineyard of 1,500 hectares in Ćemovsko polje was a great endeavor at the beginning, which at the time was more a stone box than a fertile land. Today it’s the largest vineyard in Europe in one piece and covers an area of ​​2,310 hectares.

On fruitless, wild soil and bare stone, where sun shines more than 2.500 hours a year, 9 million grapewines were planted from 1977. to 1982. It was the largest vineyard venture in Europe at that time, worth 62 million dollars. Montenegrin Vranac was born in Ćemovsko polje, followed by Montenegrin Krstač and other precious vine varieties.

Half a century ago, it all seemed like an adventure. Today Plantaže wines write the pages of history, winning numerous awards at the world’s most prestigious events.