Olive oil

Olives are the youngest crop plant grown by the company of 13. Jul – Plantaže, starting from 2005. Olive grove plantations occupy 23 hectares and the company is currently in the possession of 13 000 olive trees. From year to year, the number of crops increases with the ultimate goal being to have 20 000 olive trees within next two years. With an increased number of plantations, the annual production of olive oil is growing.

Olives grown on Plantaže’s field have all the benefits and beauties of the Mediterranean  and strenght of Montenegro, the homeland of the Old olive, which is over two thousand years old.

International varieties of olives grown in Plantaže are: Arbequina, Leccino, Maurino, Frantoio, Bianchera, Istrian minnow and and indigenous „Barska žutica“. On more than a half of plantations the Leccino olive is grown. With careful care, manual harvest and the latest processing presses for cold squeezing, we acquire gold-green olive oil of luscious aroma and harmonious, spicy and noble taste.  In order to perserve polyphenols better, Plantaže’s olives are harvested while still green. Cold pressed „extra-virgin olive oil“ comes form „virgin production“, which means that olives are drained purely with physical pressure, without heating and the usage of chemical processes. Beacuse of this, extra virgin olive oil is considered the finest. This kind of oil must not contain more than 0,8% adacity and Plantaža’s oil contains only 0,16% adacity.

This evergreen plant, its fruit and precious oil represents universal symbol of Mediterranean cusine as well as the entire philosophy of nutrition, resistance and human health for its fatty acids and vitamins. For our company, olive oil represents liquid gold from Ćemovsko polje.