Olive oil

The olive oil is an unprecedented gift of nature with the abundance of the remedial substances, nutritional values, pleasant taste and chemical composition and a precious product of the balance and synergy of the soil, sunshine, water, human knowledge, know-how and hard work.

The olives are the youngest plants which have been grown by the company Plantaže since 2005. Plantaže is the owner of the largest olive plantation in Montenegro with its 17.000 trees now and it will be the largest olive plantation in the region ,by the planned increase of the plantations .

Thus, Montenegro, as the home of the oldest olive tree in the world, will regain the position which belongs to it in the olive growing world, closing its authentic olive growing story.

The olive oil represents a liquid gold from Ćemovsko polje for the company 13.Jul-Plantaže. This gift of nature, grown in the fields of Plantaže company, concentrates in its fruit all benefits, beauties of the Mediterranean as well as the power of terroir of Montenegro, the home of the Old olive tree which is the symbol of the Old town of Bar over two thousand years.

Olive, its fruit and precious oil represent the universal symbol of the Mediterannean cuisine as well as whole nutrition philosophy in brief, resilience and health of people, for it is very rich in the vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Gold – greenish olive oil, made by Plantaže, attractive for its mild note of bitterness, scent of the cut grass and fruity tones, has made a great impression on gourmets and cooks recently.Plantaže olive growers tend the olive plantations carefully and the manual harvest of the varieties : Leccino, Maurino, Arbequina and Barska žutica lasts even one month, because the fruit of each variety has been picked at the time of its optimal ripeness.

The state-of-the-art technology of cold pressing and a careful creation of the blend of the mentioned varieties result in a fine, elegant and easy-drinking oil which has been, so far, multiply awarded with gold medals for quality.

Officially evaluated as the premium one, the extra virgin olive oil , made by Plantaže, proves that the premium olive oil can be made from the olive tree, outside the coastal region which has been proved best by an old saying: ’ In the place  where the  winter can sweep the olive tree away, it can bear the olives for making the best olive oil’’.

Recommendation for serving- it is best used as fresh, as a salad dressing, for various hot and cold appetizers, seafood, fish, pasta and meat -based dishes.