The land of Montenegro is best to experience through food and wine. Within the restaurants of our company Plantaže, 13. jul – Plantaže and Restaurant Jezero, guests have the opportunity to enjoy a great variety of fish and meat specialties. Here you will have a unique and unforgettable experience, in a place where some of the most authentic European wines are born, bringing you rich memories of the taste of Vranac and Krstač, as well as national cuisine specialties prepared by the top chefs of Plantaža’s restaurants.

Restaurant 13. Jul – Plantaže

This newly opened restaurant is located near the wine cellar Šipčanik and the largest vineyard in one piece in Europe - Ćemovsko polje, only 8km away. Restaurant 13. Jul – Plantaže is part of the wine tourism offered by Plantaž...
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