Peach plantations in Ćemovsko polje at Kuće Rakića cover an area of 86 hectares.

Ideal conditions, soil quality, sufficient amounts of sunshine and great agricultural machinery give Plantaže’s peaches recognizable plumpness, color and taste.

Peach plantations in Ćemovsko polje are modern, with high density planting, a system of drip irrigation and artificial rain, excellent hygiene and cleared of weeds. The annual production of 12 varieties of peaches and 4 varieties of nectarines  is over 600 tons, on a space of 46 ha.

With continuous developments of production lines and commissionig of new cold storages, company 13. Jul – Plantaže is constantly improving the quality and sales of peach and nectarine. In addition, from the juiciest and most carefully selected fruits comes peach fruit brandy, with the scent of happiness. In a short period of time it has become recognizable brand of the company.