baner o kompaniji


The company 13. jul -Plantaže manages rationally and efficiently the capital of our shareholders, respecting the long term interests of consumers, clients, employed, ecological environment and social community to which it belongs. The world quality of the products, that provided us the loyalty of the consumers, will always be pursued and improved. We wish, as for the time being, to be the favourite producers and market leaders and our products to be dignified representatives of Montenegro in the world.


Verica Maras1

„One of the musts of the operation of our company is to be the best in all of the aspects of our business performances. We aim at meeting this rule, from the behaviour to the employed and among the employed to the final consumers, both in the production processes and the marketing of the goods as well as in the complete operational system. In order to respect all that has been expected from a successful and responsible company, we have made the decision,from the first day of the operation,to follow all standards in the system of production and services. We insist on the sustainability, quality of all of our products as well as on the consumers’ satisfaction, facing all the challenges of the modern times and future times, as well.“ (Verica Maraš, Izvršni direktor)