Quality management

The policy of quality management systems of company 13. Jul – Plantaže is an integral part of the business for more than 20 years and is focused on achieving business goals, as well as maintaining and improving overall business performance.

The system ISO 9000 was introduced, followed by the certification and implementation of new standards (ISO 9002: 1999, ISO 9001: 2003, ISO 9001: 2008). In June 2018, in cooperation with SGS (SWISS ACCREDITATION) the recertification of ISO 9001 took place, when new requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. were accepted.

Principle of an integrated System of control of food safety HACCP: 2003 was aaccepted. With certification of food safety management system ISO 22000: 2005, company 13. Jul – Plantaže confirmed to its consumers worldwide that great attention is paid to safe and hygienic production. With the introduction of ISO 14001:2004, harmonized with the requirements of 2015) the company has accepted and confirmed the principles of environmental management.

The business policy of the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction, sustainable development, security and environmental protection. In accordance with the objectives of corporate social responsibility, the company has set goals for future environmental development and energy savings at different levels.