Workers are needed for the operations of picking up the peaches in the company

The company  „13.Jul-Plantaže“ began to pick up the peaches on Monday, 31st of May. The engaging job ad has been placed for the employment of 50 seasonal workers for picking up the peaches in Ćemovsko field.


Jobs for picking up the peaches have been paid on the base of worker’s perfomance, as follows:

  • The price of one layer  wooden crate has been increased from 0,18 cents last year to o,25 cents.
  • The price of the plastic crate last year has been increased from 0,35 cents to 0,40 cents.


The company 13.Jul-Plantaže provides the transport.

Departure point: bus stopin front of the Clock Tower (Sahat kula), Stara Varoš.

Time of departure: 6:20 h

(upon the completion of the work, the transport is provided to the city – Sahat kula).

Accomodation and food

For the seasonal workers with the residence outside the territory of the Capital city Podgorica, the accomodation in the pavilions in Ćemovsko polje,  including three meals per day, have been provided.

For any additional information, concerning the conditions, please do not hesitate to contact on 067 840 024.


As for the engagement, the employment record book , the copy of the personal identity card and copy of the giro account should be enclosed.

Old-age pensioners should submit the copy of the Retirement Decision , the copy of the personal identity card as well as the copy of the giro account. Disability pensioners have not been allowed to work by law.

The persons, under the age of 18 years, should submit, besides the a.m. mandatory documents, the following documents: medical certificate as well as verified consent of both parents.