The twentieth regular meeting of shareholders’s assembly of the company 13. jul Plantaže a.d. Podgorica

Pursuant to Article 135,136 and Art.138 Companies Law (Off.Gaz. MNE, No. 65/2020, dated from the third of July, 2020), Art. 100, par.1, item 12 of the Articles of Association of the joint-stock company 13.Jul-Plantaže a.d. Podgorica and Resolution of the Board of Directors No.3812, dated from 28.05.2021, I convene.

On the 30th of June, 2021 (Wednesday), commencing at 11:00, noting that the notification of the shareholders attendance and signing the attendance list shall be done within the time period 9:00-10:45 hrs in the premises of the company 13.Jul-Plantaže in the wine cellar Šipčanik in Podgorica, following the recommendations of the competent institutions,concerning epidemiological situation in the country which will be effective during holding the regular meeting of Shareholders’ Assembly.

I propose the following


      1. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure of Shareholders’ Assembly Operation

      2. Adoption of the financial statements and operational reports of the Company for 2020

      3. Adoption of the auditor’s report on the conducted audit of the financial reports for 2020

      4. Election and appointment of the auditor for 2021

Assembly may make resolutions if attended by the shareholders, owning over 50% of the total number of shares with voting right, in person or through a proxy. A proxy submits the authorised power of attorney. The identity of a shareholder is proved by the personal identity document.

Society will provide the list of the shareholders from the Central Securities Depository and Clearing company (CKDD), two days prior to holding the meeting. Only the shareholders, registered on the shareholders’ list on the day of providing the list, may take part in the Assembly and exercise their shareholders’ rights.

The total number of the Society’s shares is 179.255.993 of ordinary shares with voting right. All shares are common and each share gives a right for one vote.

The resolutions from the suggested agenda are adopted by the majority of votes of the present or represented shareholders or shareholders who voted by ballots. 

Material for the Assembly and suggestions of the resolutions shall be presented and accessible to the shareholders in the Administrative building (Archive of the Society) of the Society, 2,Charles de Gaulle Blvd every working day, from 07-15 hrs,twenty days prior to holding the meeting.

Notification on convening the Shareholders’ Assembly shall be posted on the webpage of the Society:

Contact:  020658024        Chairman of the Board of Directors,

                                                                                                 Nebojša Vuksanović ,

                                                                                                              MBA in Finance