Prof.dr Božo Mihailović has been elected chairman of the BoD

Press release upon the completion of the constitutional meeting of the BoD of 13.Jul-Plantaže a.d. dated from 30/09/2020.

The constitutional meeting of the BoD of 13.Jul-Plantaže a.d. was held in accordance with the clauses of the Articles of Association , at which prof.dr Božo Mihailović was elected chairman and Dušan Perović his deputy.

The Shareholders’ Assembly has also elected the members of BoD: MSc Đorđije Rajković, prof.dr Boban Melović, prof.dr Veselin Orlandić, MSc Sead Šahman, Vladislav Dulović, MSc Zoran Senić and MSc Nikola Perišić.       

Board of Directors has accepted the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance on the ’ limit of the highest salary up to 3 average salaries in the Society, including the years of service’ and gave the order to the Management  to effect its realisation, taking into account that it should be in accordance with the Positive law regulations. Considering it, it was concluded that the salaries of the employed should be completely in accordance with the monthly business results in the conditions of Covid-19.

Board of Directors has also inititated that the compensations to the members of the Board should be adjusted (in appropriate proportion) with the mentioned recommendation as well as with the business results of the Company and in accordance with the law and statutory obligations. The precise information on future compensations to the members of the constituted Board are given herewith in order to disclaim the information that have been announced by the media.

Board of Directors got acquainted with world medals(eight in total) and awards, won for the wines of the company 13. Jul-Plantaže a.d. at the prestigious world wine competition Decanter World Wine Awards in London for 2020. Board of Directors has also considered  several current issues within  its competence.