Press release concerning a file, claimed by the company

13.Jul-Plantaže a.d. Podgorica against Valerija Saveljić

Podgorica 28.06.2019.

On 24th of September, 2020 the company 13.Jul-Plantaže a.d. Podgorica filed a claim to Municipal court in Podgorica, against Valerija Saveljić from Podgorica, so that the court may determine whether the defendant ,in the period from 30/10/2019 – 08/05/2020, several times, by  public announcement of the allegations related to the business operation of the company, via media, by posting offensive comments on the work of its directors and and unauthorised revealing of confidential business information and announcing allegations on the position of the employed in the company,jeopardized the business reputation and infringed on the rights of the plaintiff, by creating the image in the Montenegrin public that the business activities in the company have been performed unskillfully, irresponsibly and unlawfully, and thus, deliberately jeopardized the business relations of the company and its business partners as well as the company rating both at local and export market.

Abusing the position of a former director of the company by the end of 2019 and exploiting inappropriately the position of a member of the main board in the political party URA in public, the defendant Valerija Saveljić was disclosing a series of confidential business information, in the period from October to the end of December 2019, unauthorisedly, via media, offensively and defamatorily, injuring the company and its employees, aiming at creating the image in public of the unlawful business operation of this company.

The scope of the issues with which the defendant Valerija Saveljić dealt unlawfully (and incompetently) exceeds the format of the corporative press release. The partners of the company and concrete commercial arrangements as well as the business operation of  Plantaže in general were the target of the attack of the defendants’s ’expertise’. Defendant has shown the same level of understanding the commercial, accounting, financial, managment and other aspects of business operation. Her colleagues, the people with whom she has spent many years in creating  and carrying out numerous policies in the company were not saved by her ’sword’; a minimal level of the communication culture ,which reasonable persons expect justifiably from minors, has not been demonstrated to them.

In all activities of the former colleagues and members of the Board of Director, the defendant has recognised since 2015, numerous criminal acts in the scope of the organised crime ,which was the reason why she keeps filing the claims on different grounds both against the company and the company management (she filed seven claims in total and received for each the reply by a competent public prosecution that they had been rejected). A pathological hatred of the defendant towards all which the company represents could not be restrained by the fact that competent public prosecutors could not recognise her ’arguments’; defendant continued to elaborate ’ justification’ of the rejected claims, probably in the interest of her political career which she tries obviously to build on the grounds of the narrative of larceny and frauds by the company management. As the biggest Montenegrin producer of wine and table grapes, wine and other alcoholic drinks and one of the biggest national producers of the fresh peaches for consumption and oliv eoil,Plantaže has undoubtedly a business reputation which was created carefully and patiently, preserved and defended for over a half of the century. Since the cornerstone has been laid to mark the development of the Montenegrin viticulture and wine making (1977-1982, the project Ćemovsko polje when the planting of the grapevine began on the surface of 2.000 ha) till now, the company has performed its activities with social responsibility, by giving support to  the citizens of Montenegro, its institutions and other entities in need.

Plantaže expects that Montenegrin courts consider carefully the facts and arguemnts on which the claim is grounded, sending the message to Montenegrin public that a serious business career and morally disputable and ideologically unmotivated, switching political career due to exclusively injured personal interests cannot be built on lies,logically impotent constructions,cheap,political manipulations, affirmation of the provincial philosophy and banalities as the communication method.

Starting from the principle of socially responsible business operation, Plantaže intend to donate the compensation of the damage, after the court decision to   Orphanage home ’Mladost’ at Bijela.