The profit valued at € 470.000 was achieved in 2019

Press release from the 19th regular meeting of the  Shareholders’ Assembly of the company 13 Jul-Plantaže

The 19th meeting of the Shareholders’ Assembly  of 13 Jul-Plantaže AD has been held today, on the 25th of September , 2020 in the wine cellar Šipčanik, in Podgorica, respecting the recommendations of the National Co-ordination Body (NKT) for the prevention and against spreading infectious diseases.Out of the total number of shareholders, 71% of the shareholders were present at the meeting in the name of the state funds(Investment-Development Fund, Pension-Invalidity Fund and Employment Agency), bank, various funds and citizens as shareholders.

Shareholders adopted Annual financial statements and Report on Business Operation of 13 Jul-Plantaže AD for 2019 with the Auditor’s report.

Last year, the company achieved business revenues, valued at € 33,5 million and a positive, financial result, valued at € 470.000.

The decision was made to allocate the realised profit , made in the previous year, into a ,, retained earnings’’.

Assembly has also brought Decision on Election and Appointment of the Auditor for 2020, by which the auditor’s house BDO DOO, Podgorica has been chosen.

Acting by the clauses of the new Business Companies Act, the shareholders have adopted the Articles of Association of the company, by which all novelties, stipulated by this Law that came into force on 11.07.2020, were incorporated. Within new clauses, the application of Art. 155 and 156 of this Law on Choice of Independent Members of the Board of Directors.

The Decision on Election of 9 members of the BoD was adopted. The members of the BoD are the following: Prof. Dr Božo Mihailović (full professor at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, Investment Development Fund), Dušan Perović (director of Pension-Invalidity Fund of Montenegro), MSc Đorđije Rajković ( longtime executive director of the company 13 Jul-Plantaže , retired), Boban Melović ( professor at Faculty of Economics), Veselin Orlandić ( professor at Faculty of Business Economics and Law in Bar), Sead Šahman (representative of Employment Agency), Zoran Senić (executive director of Valuation consultant doo Podgorica), Vladislav Dulović (head of Risk Department at Investment-Development Fund) and Nikola Perišić (director of Corporate directorate at CKB bank).