Liquid gold from Ćemovsko field – Gold medal for the quality of Plantaže olive oil

Olive oil of the company 13.Jul-Plantaže, awarded with four medals, has triumphed at the 22 nd International Contest of Olive and other oils producers, called ’Noćnjak 2020’, recently held from 24th-26th of June in Zadar. 

Maslinovo ulje 13. Jul Plantaže

In an extremely hard competition of 423 samples of olive oils, mostly from the region and mostly from: Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, olive oil, made by Plantaže won two gold and two silver medals. Plantaže won the gold medal for the olive oil that was launched at the market as the blend of the three olive varieties: Leccino, Maurino and Istarska bjelica and as open, varietal oil Leccino. Open oils, made of  the varieties Istarska bjelica and Maurino , won silver medals. Considering that the oils that won 90-100 points have been awarded with gold medals, these oils missed gold medals by a whisker, because the oil, made of the variety Istarska bjelica scored 89.5 points and the oil , made of the variety Maurino got a very high result for the silver medal 87.5 points. 

Eleven olive oil producers from Montenegro took part in the contest (7 from Ulcinj, 2 from Bar and 1 from Podgorica and Sveti Stefan respectively) with total of 14 samples of their oils. All olive oil producers participated with 1 sample except Plantaže which presented four samples of the olive oil from Ćemovsko polje to the international jury. In such a hard competition with traditionally high quality oils from Dalmatia, Istria and Croatian islands, Montenegrin olive oil producers had a remarkable success, winning 4 gold and 4 silver medals for the oils and 2 gold medals for the olive products. Plantaže has won half of the medals for the quality of the olive oil for Montenegro. This is the only contest where the Montenegrin olive oil producers can compare the quality of their oils with the oils from the region. 

Production of the olive oil has had a long and rich tradition in the Montenegrin coast. It is the third year only that Plantaže has been producing the olive oil and is regarded as the youngest olive oil producers in Montenegro.However, the quality of the oil from the sunny Ćemovsko polje can compete, from the very beginning, with the best olive oils, whose producers were acquiring their experiences in this production, through many generations. It turned out that Plantaže expert team has selected the right varieties for the production of the olives outside the Coast, that they got the sound fruit of the olives by timely and qualitatively performed agrotechnical measures, they harvested the olives duly and processed them within 24 hours after the harvest, at the latest. It all contributed to the production of the olive oil of the highest quality. Plantaže took the essential part from the tradition of the Montenegrin olive oil production and it is love of olives.

Besides the gold medals and officially impartial and highly expert mark that has just arrived from Zadar, the most important mark of the quality of Plantaže olive oil arrives from our consumers every day. Gold medals confirm that Plantaže oil is premium, extra virgin oil. With its piquancy and mild note of bitterness and fruit taste, it proves that premium quality oil can be made even out of the coastal region which is proved by an old olive oil producers’ saying:’Where olives may be taken away by winter, there the olive trees may give the best oil.

Plantaže disposes of about 13.000 olive trees with a tendency to expand it. It has planned to expand olive plantations for 20.000 plantings totally within next two years. With the number of the trees that Plantaže disposes of at the moment, it is the owner of the largest olive plantation in Montenegro and with the increase of the number of plantations , it will be the largest olive plantation in the region.