Corporate philanthropy- main value of our company

Corporate philanthropy is the integral part of the business policy  of the company 13 Jul-Plantaže which has proved , for over half of a century, a high degree of the social responsibility to the community where it performs its business activity, to the employed, environment and partners with whom it co-operates.

Regarding the fact that the market of Serbia has been traditionally one of the biggest export markets for the company, that the consumers on that market have been loyal to the brend which we represent, the Board of Directors has recognised the High school Mathematics in Belgrade as the school of a specific, national importance and interest for the development of the community, promotion of science and knowledge and aiming at improving and facilitating its activities in the territory of Serbia, it brought the decision to support this institution through donation.

Bearing in mind that the knowledge is the most important strategic resource, we decided to donate this year to High school Mathematics in Belgrade which has become, thanks to its recognisable brend, a recognisable brend worldwide. High school Mathematics in Belgrade is the unique high school for the talented students in the fields of Maths,Informatics and natural Science. Our wish was to support with this donation  its talented students to improve their intellectual capital and boost them to achieve better results. This is, at the same time, an extraordinary occasion to give thanks to all consumers in this, startegically, very important market for us’, pointed out Verica Maraš, the executive director of the company 13 Jul-Plantaže, at giving the donation’

We also congralutate the students of High school Mathematics in Belgrade and its teachers for all success they have achieved so far.