The Best Partner in the Region Award

Veselin Đurišić, sales and marketing director of Plantaže, has personally received in Belgrade, in the name of this Montenegrin company, an extraordinary international award ’Kapetan Miša Anastasijević, the Best Partner in the Region ’ for multidecade contribution to the development of the brand and cooperation with the economic entities in this market.

It has been the eighteenth year in succession that the award ’Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’ has been given to the most successful partners covering the fields of economic and social achievements for a year within the project ’ A Road to the Top’ , implemented by the agency ’Media Invent’ from Novi Sad, Novis Sad University, Belgrade University and Commercial Chamber of Serbia. 

On this occasion, Veselin Đurišić pointed out that it was his honour to receive, in the name of the company 13 jul-Plantaže, this remarkable recognition, named after the man of a  big , entrepreneurial spirit who indebted a lot his people.  ’ This award is a great honour ,but also the obligation for the company 13 jul-Plantaže to be more successful in building partners’ relations in its future business activities, particularly in this traditionally friendly market for us in Montenegro. We have built  a recognisable wine brand in this market for decades and this amrket shows that we have done it best and paid us back that attention  with the loyalty to our products , to the Montenegrin wines of Plantaže’, concludes Đurišić. 

The jury , consisting of the renowned university professors, businessmen, cultural stakeholders and scientists, awarded  24 recognitions ’’ Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’’  for the most successful in 2018. Some of the awarded are , as follows: for high, modern methods in health, Clinical Centre of Serbia, for new technologies in civil engineering and industry the company Sika, for the best host ’Crowne Plaza’ , for the promotion of the documentary film ’Beldocs’, for the best business partner in the region, president of  the Comtrade Group .

The award ’Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’ which has been awarded to the most eminent companies, small and middle size companies, brands, organisations and institutions, inventors and individuals for exquisite results in business operation, achievements and social responsibility, was awarded in the Rectorate of Belgrade University.