A tour of the Šipčanik wine cellar.

🍷 Welcome drink Montenegrin Val Rose

🍷 Pro Anima Chardonnay Sauvignon

🍴 Salad with three types of tomatoes

(Dried tomatoes, pomodorino, arugula, tomatoes, aceto)

🍷Montenegrin Malvazija

🍴 Chicken caprese in aceto and olive oil

(Chicken fillet, mozzarella, pesto …)

🍷 Vladika

🍴 Beefsteak in forest fruit sauce

(Beef steak, forest fruits, Vladika wine)

🍷 Medun

🍴 Dates cake

(Dates, forest fruit, creamy sauce, almonds flakes)

Place: Wine Cellar Sipcanik
Duration: 1:30
Price per person: 40 eur

Notice: On the occasion of the wine event Monte Vino 2023, we will be open for visits on 11th and 12th of March. To schedule a visit, write to us at visit@plantaze.com. Programs of wine and food pairing should be booked one day in advance. Wine tasting is intended for persons over 18 years.

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