New recognitions for Plantaže wines from London

Always among the best

For years, the wines, made in the company 13.Jul-Plantaže, have been winning prestigious medals at the biggest world competitions, so this year has not been an exception. After a great success at BIWC competition, even seven wines of the company 13.Jul-Plantaže won the medals at the biggest and most influential world wine competition ’Decanter World Wine Award 2021’ in London.

It was only one point that the wine Premijer 2013 missed to win a gold medal, so the silver medal was was awarded to this wine , scored 94 points. Another silver medal was awarded to Stari podrum Vranac 2013, as well and bronze medal was awarded to Stari podrum cuve 2013, Vranac reserve 2015, Vranac Barrique 2016,Epoha 2016 and Vranac pro Corde 2018.

Winning new, prestigious recognitions, the wine Montenegrin Vranac, made by the  company 13. Jul – Plantaže has strengthened its position among the best wines of the world, proved specificity, authenticity and uniqueness of this terroir as well as the title of the most important ambassador of Montenegro in the world of premium wines. Due to the pandemic, caused by the virus Covid-19, 170 judges from Great Britain evaluated over 18.000 samples from all over the world, at Decanter’s contest this year, which is the greatest number of tasted wines at the contests so far. In spite of hard organisation, Decanter WWA this year kept the status of the biggest world wine competition , breaking its own record by the number of the samples.