Decoration with the Wine for Happy Easter

Painting eggs with wine- a new trick you wish to try !

Naturally painted eggs are the nicest and many women have enjoyed for years ,using natural colours for painting the eggs.

If you want to make members of your family happy with a special decoration, we suggest to you to try the recipe with the boiled wine. 


The preparation is simple: you just continue boiling the eggs in a powerful, red wine about 8 minutes.It is important for the eggs to be completely sunk in the liquid and after the cooking is over, keep them in wine for 12 hours. You may boil them in the evening and keep them closed with the lid during night. You take them out in the morining on the plateand leave them to dry.

Happy and Merry Easter 13 Jul-Plantaže !

Do not wipe them,because when they get dried they will look like as if they were covered with the thin layer of crystal sand. They will sparkle like real crystalsin an intense light. After cooking , the wine should not be used. 

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 Happy and Merry Easter #stayathome Your Plantaže with love!