Plantaže donated alcohol to the health institutions

In this complex moment for Montenegro as for the whole world, the company 13 Jul-Plantaže donated 20.000 lit of alcohol to Montenegrin healthy institutions in the fight against the virus COVID- 19.

Alcohol, as the main disinfectant which has been donated by Plantaže, will be divided to Montenegrin hospitals and pharmacies through the health care system  of Montenegro.Giving support to health care institutions is the priority in this moment.Therefore, we hope that this donation will help those who will bear the greatest and most difficult responsibility. The company 13 Jul-Plantaže will, according to the needs, provide additional quantities of alcohol and give its full contribution in the fight against this disaster. The donation will be realised in the co-operation with Montefarm and National Coordination Body  for Communicable Diseases.

This way Plantaže appeals to all citizens in Montenegro to behave responsibly in the current situation and follow temporary measures and recommendations for the protection of the citizens which are effective, so that they could reduce the consequences of the world pandemia of COVID 19 virus to the lowest possible level in Montenegro.