The company Plantaže gave 13 plants of the honeyberry tree to be planted by Jelena Ćetković Str. to make our surroundings more beauful and healthier

The company 13 Jul-Plantaže follows carefully all social happenings, relating responsibly to its community and environment.Therefore, we accepted ,with special pleasure, to be a part of this activity and donate 13 plantings of honeyberry tree, via application ’My tree’, which we have today, together with the students of the 7th grade of the Primary school Štampar Makarije,planted in Jelena Ćetković Str, in the block IX. 

An important part of the business activity of our company is a responsible relation to the community and environment. Besides the production of the wines the whole world believes, we keep trying to give our full contribution to the community in which we live. It is only by the responsible relation to the environment that we may create better place for the lives of our children and upcoming generations. Bearing in mind that space may play a very important role in the development of children and youth, we are glad to contibute to creating nicer ambiance for growing up of our children by our planting today.