Plantaže won China – 7 golden medals at China Wine & Spirits Awards

The wines of the company 13. Jul – Plantaže continued with winning a series of golden medals at the biggest international contests. It was at the recently closed biggest and most prestigious wine contest in China (China Wine & Spirits Awards),sll sent samples from Plantaže won the following medals: seven golden medals, one silver and one bronze medal. 

The wine Malvazija 2017 won the double golden medal and the wines: Vranac 2015, Epoha 2013, Premijer 2011, Vranac Barrique 2015 and Vranac Reserve 2013 won golden medals.Vranac pro Corde 2015 won silver medal and Vladika 2015 won the bronze medal at this prestigious Chinese contest. 

Over 100 international judges, comprising :distributors, wine merchants, wine and spirits sommeliers , assessed the wines from 55 countries in the world at the blind tasting.The awarded Plantaže wines have received many recognitions all over the world so far and this is one more confirmation of their premium quality.