kruna1Kruna is a colourless, hard alcoholic drink with over 50% vol% alc, very potable, harmonious, full and warm on taste. The smell of wine which is more expressed, with a subsequent, mild aroma of pomace. Kruna is the premium grape brandy, made in the copper potstills of the small volume, in the manner it had been produced for centuries in Montenegro. The grapevine twigs and old branches from Ćemovsko polje are placed under the copper potstills. The distillation runs very slowly with good cooling in order to achieve the best possible quality. It is only a middle fraction (heart) of the distillate , aging in the inert material vats for 1-2 years, at least, after which a potable and mild grape brandy of a specific and lingering varietal aroma is made.It is particularly characterized by the low content of methyl-alcohol, because Vranac grape contains it in the small quantity.It is served at 5-7 ° C. It is recommended both before and after meals and it may be used for the preparation of the cocktails.

Package: 0,75 lit

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