Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are autochtonous red French varieties , growing for decades in the vineyards of Podgorica viticultural are. The varieties, originated from Bordeaux, adapted perfectly to the conditions of the soil and climate in the vineyard in Ćemovsko polje. Cabernet Sauvignon is characterized by a cluster of small or medium size, small, rounded berries, thick skin of black-blue colour.  It is a late variety, giving the wines of dark ruby colour, full bodied and balanced, suitable for aging in the oak vats and good in blends. Merlot is chatacterized by a cluster of middle or a small size, small or middle sized berries, black-blue colour.  It is also, a late variety that gives wines of red ruby colour, harmonious and refreshing.

Epoha 2012

The wine represents the blend of the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the proportion : 65% (Cabernet Sauvignon) and 35% (Merlot).

Red ruby colour is characteristic for this blend of red, worldly renowned varieties. It is characterized by multi-layered, luscious, prevailing jammy flavours of black and blue berries, interlaced with the spicy tones of  licorice with the hint of dark chocolate and coffee in the aftertaste. On taste, it is elegant, complex, full with soft tannins, rounded by the pleasant acids. Rich tones of ripe fruit, plums and blackberries with the subtle tones of chocolate and coffee make this wine a real gastronomic delicacy. The wine is characterized by a great potential for aging, so it develops its quality, character and authenticity by aging in the bottle.


Temperature:  16-18 ° C

Glass: large,balloon glass


Perfect matching with the dishes made of the noble fish from Skadar Lake and Adriatic basin, as well as with the specialties, made of red meats (slowly roasted beef ‘under sach’, stewed lamb shank with rosemary). As for the international dishes, we recommend lasagna in bechamel sauce, pepperoni pizza, pasta in Bolognese sauce.


Epoha 2012


Warm and dry 2012 gave us one of the most successful vintages in the history of the company. This year is characterized by reduced yields and a very good quality with perfect ratio of sugar and acids and high extracts. The grapes were of exquisite polyphenolic contents, both by the quantity of total polyphenols and by their composition and ripeness.


Viticultural area: Skadar Lake Valley, Podgorica viticultural area

Location: Ćemovsko polje, Šipčanik microlocality

Vineyard size: 79,64 ha (15,42 ha Merlot and 64,25 ha Cabernet Sauvignon)

Exposition: North-South

Soil: shallow skeletal, with over 2500 sunny hours annually

Planting density: 2,60 x 0,70 m

Type of vine training : unilateral horizontal cordon; Merlot – unilateral horizontal cordon; Cabernet Sauvignon- unilateral horizontal cordon Guyot

Average age of the grapevine: 8-11 years old


Yield: 8-9t/ha

Harvest time: first half of September

Harvest manner: by hand

Vinification: inox tank

Fermentation temperature:  23-25 °C

Fermentation duration: 14-16 days

Maceration duration: 14-16 days

Malolactic fermentation: yes, co-inoculation

Aging: four years in the barrels of the best French oak and then, one year in the bottles

Total duration of aging: 5 years

Chemical analysis: alcohol: 14,5, vol%, total acids: 5,91;  pH 3,44

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