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When we think about wine, we keep asking ourselves: what is its secret? What makes a wine really specific? And there is only one thing that is certain- it takes time for wine! It takes time,during which the generations will reveal the secrets of their terroir- of the land plot under their part of sky, of their grapevines. And of their wines, coming from that soil. It takes time, during which the generations will transfer all their commitment and knowledge to the future generations the knowledge about skies and sun, soil and stone, dream and insomnia,in the process of creating a wine.
Time! It takes time for wine and Plantaže has already given itself to the wine over half of a century and several generations of the vine growers, wine makers and cellar workers who took part in the foundation of one of the most successful Montenegrin companies.
Over half of the century, Montenegrin company 13 jul-Plantaže represents one of the greatest and most remarkable producers of grapes, wine and grape brandy in Southeastern Europe,owning a unique vineyard, covering the impressive surface of 2.310 ha as a single complex.
Over half of the century, Plantaže has tended one thousand year long Montenegrin tradition of viticulture and wine making, paying the greatest attention to Montenegrin autochtonous grape varieties and authentic Montenegrin wine, reflecting Montenegrin culture and spirit of a unique area, located between the sea and mountains.



One has wondered for centuries: who was the first to plant the vine on the territory of Montenegro? The ancient Greeks, Romans, Slavs or those who had maybe lived here for all times, assimilating in the sea of time with our Slavic ancestors?
We may never find it out, but perhaps, it is not so much important, for it was for thousands of years back that the vine has grown, making the wine telling the story about its homeland: ‘This is Montenegro. The Land of Wine!
The wine has been for centuries the essential part of the Montenegrin religion, culture and customs. Montenegro is the birthplace of Vranac, black as the black horse of the same name- the metaphor of a strong, noble wine. The viticulture developed over time and in the mid-19th century, young Montenegrin prince, Nikola Petrović supported viticulture with the following words:’ Each soldier from the place where vine grows must plant 200 vines!’
This was the beginning of the new era for Montenegrin wine. And as soon as 1907, Montenegrin Vranac won the first prize at London Wine Fair.
Today, Vranc is the main symbol of Montenegro, its viticulture and wine making. It is our national pride and a metaphor of Montenegro, small country of great wines!

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In the 1960s, the idea of modern viticulture and wine making in Montenegro was born. In 1963, agricultural entities merged in the area of Podgorica, Danilovgrad and Virpazar into the Agroplant 13.jul which was later transformed into a modern company 13. jul-Plantaže.
The group of enthusiasts and visionaries of the company Plantaže began in 1970, for that time unbelievable project of establishing the vineyards, covering more than 2.000 ha.It was in the infertile wasteland near podgorica, known as Ćemovsko polje that they began to establish this unique vineyard more than thirty years ago, more on the rocks than on the soil.
On the heat-on the bare stones, it was in the infertile wild field, heated by the sun even 2.500 hours annually, in the period 1977-1982 that even 11 million grapevines were planted. That was the biggest viticultural project in Europe, worth 62 million US dollars at that time. Ćemovsko polje became fertile by growing the Vranac grapevine. First Vranac, then Krstač and other noble varieties of the grapevines.
About half a century ago, it seemed like an adventure. Now, this is an endless story….

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Nowadays, Plantaže produces over 40 different wines and four types of grape brandies, made of 26 wine grape varieties. The leading position in the region has been confirmed by the production of cca 22 million kilos of wine grapes and grapes for fresh consumption as well as the sales of over 17 million bottled products annually( out of which 90% are wines) in 35 countries of the world.
The range of wine styles comprises porfolio from sparkling to sweet wines, from fresh and light, white and red to powerful, full bodied wines that have the potential to age and develop by years and even, decades.
We make from Vranac, as our main national variety even ten different wines: Montenegrin Vranac, Vranac pro Corde, Vranac Barrique, Vladika, Stari podrum, Vranac Reserve, Premijer, Royal Vranac and sweet Medun.
A special pride of Plantaže is Vranac pro Corde, Vranac for heart- from the heart of the grapes. It is a wine, unique in the world by the proanthocyanidol contents, having a beneficial influence on the human body.
In the last fifty years, the wines of Plantaže won over 800 awards and recognitions at the international contests, competitions and fairs.