Symphony of taste

Tour of wine cellar Šipčanik.

Lunch in special setting, surrounded with oak barrels.

Wine and food pairing:

VAL POLU SUVI 2015 MONTENEGRIN APPETIZER (beef prosciutto, Katunjanka cheese, olives, cherry tomato) KRSTAČ 2018 PRO ANIMA CHARDONNAY & SAUVIGNON BLANC 2018 VEAL IN CREAMY SAUCE (veal shoulder, zucchini, eggplant, paprika, onion, cream, potato) VRANAC PRO CORDE 2015 CHOCOLATE BAR (chocolate, ‘plasma’ biscuit, apricot jam…) VLADIKA 2016

Place: Wine cellar Šipčanik
Duration: 2 hours
Price per person: 37 eur

Individual and group visits are possible. Wine tasting is intended for persons over 18 years.

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