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Our pride has not been grounded on the quality of wine only, because that quality has been proved for decades back. Powerful Vranac, crispy Krstač,lively Cabernet, fruity Merlot, juicy Chardonnay, lively Malvasia…..they are only a part of our assortment that we offer to millions of love lovers who have the opportunity to enjoy them in over 40 countries of the world, where Plantaže wines may be bought and tasted. The guests, tourists and visitors experience local and international gastronomy in our cellars Šipčanik and Stari Podrum where they  gain, together with the educated sommeliers, excellent experience of matching wine and food. We continue with improving the harmony of senses of each our guest in the restaurants 13 Jul and Jezero, where kind waiters have been taking them through the reneissance of terroir, tradition and identity.  We are not modest, we like to show off, by saying to guests: We are taking you through our Terroir –Terroir older than 50 years.  We have all 12 attributes that make us bold and proud of saying: ’We have Terroir.’’ The story of these 12 features of our Terroir may be told and recountedand here we will highlight the basics only:

Vyneard Ćemovsko polje 13. Jul Plantaže

1. History– almost 6 decades long. We made much out of nothing , by converting a wasteland into a large, green oasis;

2. Geography and climate – The largest vineyard in Europe , covering 2310 ha, with 11 microlocalities, surrounded by mountains, the Lake and very close to the Adriatic sea in a special,climatic ambiance are only one of the prerequisites of bright future; 

3. Soil and soil composition –yellowish brown and dark brown colour, hard,skeletal soil, gravelly clay, small grain structure, very carbonated soilon which many varieties achieve an extraordinary grape quality; 

  • Allowed varieties of the grape vines – 28 varieties of which are many worldwide known and the essence of the vision and quality is based on the autochthonous varieties that make over 70% of the capacity;
  • Viticultural techniques – vineyard cultivation, varietal agrotechnics, planning of the optimal yield and quality of the grapes; 
  • Vinification – controlled fermentation, percent share of the varieties in the blends, varietal character;
  • Wine aging – aging in different vats under different conditions. Aging in oak vats of different volumes and origin. Aging control in the bottle prior to wine launching in the market;
  • Regional classification – adapted to Law of Montenegro and wine quality;
  • Classification of the locality and microlocality – adapted to the quality of harvest from the marked locality or microlocality which has been marked or planned;
  • Quality of the harvest year –  acceptable, good and extraordinary 
  • Allowed terminology for the wine quality and aging – classic, premium, ultra premium, Reserve, Selection; 
  • Specific terminology of the region or locality – Identity, history, tradition and continuity associated with the manner of production of wine style and name;

Let us turn back a bit. It took lots of hard work, effort, sacrifice, investments for a future pride…… A vision was necessary. It takes hard work to plant and tend carefully millions of vines  of 28 different grapevine varieties. It took lot of dreamers for this dream that comes true to few only. They created and made skilfully what makes us today bold. Our pride increases in the vineyard every day. Neither our boldness depends on the weather conditions nor our tradition and our smile  depend on one harvest and one variety … Our story is never ending for all those reasons and attributes. It just begins for us with each harvest.  The possibility of creating the wine story is unlimited. We have conditions, we have terroir

  Miroslav Radojčin, educational consultant and sommelier in 13 Jul-Plantaže 

Miroslav Radojčin, Edukativni konsultant i Sommelier 13. Jul Plantaže