13 Jul- Plantaže has always supported the projects that preserve traditional values and cultural heritage


Premiere of the performance ’’ Nightingale’’

The play ’’Nightingale’’- dramatic-musical play dedicated to Ksenija, written and directed by Varja Djukić,was performed as the premiere last night in the full hall of KIC Budo Tomović in Podgorica.

As a socially responsible company, following carefully all social events , acting responsibly to its community, considering musical heritage as an important part of its identity, 13 Jul-Plantaže accepted with pleasure to be a part of this project, as well. Ksenija Cicvarić, as the most authentic representative of the original Montenegrin folk music, won the hearts of many people all around the world with its lyrical voice of the specific tone, as well as the wines of our company do it today, as the most authentic representatives of Montenegrin viticulture and wine making.

The play’’Nightingale’’ is a multimedia stage play of biographic and music ’’images’’ from the life of Ksenija Cicvarić and city of Podgorica, realised through narration, dialogue, choreography and video material. This play shows chronologically growing up of Ksenija Cicvarić and events that marked her biography which belong also to the historical, social and musical heritage of Podgorica, Montenegro and SFR Yugoslavia.

After the premiere play, awarded with long applause by the audience, the cocktail was arranged in the hall of KIC, where spectators  exchanged the impressions on the play and continued to revive the memories of the ’’Nightingale’’ from Ribnica, enjoying Plantaže wines.

Ksenija Cicvarić was born in the Old town of Podgorica, in 1929, her father’s name Radivoje Bracović and mother’s name Simona, maiden name Zlatičanin. She completed Gymnasium school and her dream to study music has not been fulfilled, due to hard material conditions in her family. She began her singing career since ’60s at Radio Titograd and continued it at Radio Beograd in the ensemble of renowned Vlastimir Pavlović Carevac.Hardworker, reliable friend, nice woman and unenvious colleague, astonished the audience at her numerous and unforgettable concerts all over Yugoslavia.

She presented with her songs a completely new music, disclaiming the opinion that Montenegrin folk song can be played with gusle only. She discoveed a unique singing style. Some of her melodies became great hits, adopted by many singers. However, the greatest part of her songs remained her property only.

A nightingale from Ribnica, as many called her, enchanted them with the beauty of her voice, making them merry, while her life was sorrow-beaten. She cured her own sorrow with the songs:’ Hey,Fairy’’, ’Milica, the only one mother’s daughter’, ’ Mother was waking up Sejdefa’’,’’A little girl was walking along the valley’’, ’Young Jelka’.

Montenegrin folk costumes (one of the most expensive in the world) suited perfectly her body,beauty, loftiness and melancholic smile. On the 11th of February in 1997, at the age of 72, Ksenija left us – the most authentic representative of the original Montenegrin folk songs. She preserved a great part of  our folk treasury and her refined taste and sensibility selected skillfully the best. She recorded the vinyl records and the tapes which were and still have  remained the greatest hits for our people.