Visual identity of the Strategy of Development and Digital Transformation of  the company Plantaže  in the period 2025/30 – ’From the first earth furrow in 1963 to the first digital line in 2019.’


The subject of this competition is a development of the visual identity and design of the corporate document:

Strategy of Development and Digital Transformation of the Company Plantaže 2025-2030

The goal of the competition is generating the ideas, in co-operation with the students from Montenegrin universities, for the visualisation (visual identity) of the document  Strategy of Development and Digital Transformation of  the company Plantaže  in the period 2025/30 – ’From the first earth furrow in 1963 to the first digital line in 2019.’

Design Brief:

Strategy of Development and Digital Transformation of  the company 13 Jul-Plantaže represents the corporate document of essential importance for further operation and development of the company.

This document contains 8 different chapters that represent certain thematic compounds.

The competition participants are expected to provide the preliminary design, logo, format, system of colours and fonts.

     1. Cover page appearance

Design the cover page of the document in compliance with the visual identity of the company 13 Jul-Plantaže.

  • Interior pages
  • Present the content (the manner of the text arrangement in eight functionally thematic compounds)
  • Present opening (partitioning pages of the functional thematic compounds)
  • Present master interior pages (functional ration of the text and photographs, the manner of arrangement of the content in the interior pages)
  •  Logo
  • Mockup solutions of the document
  • Explication of the preliminary design in the written form


Rewarding competition is organised as the Visual Identity of Strategy of Development and Digital Transformation of  the company Plantaže  in the period 2025/30 – ’From the first earth furrow in 1963 to the first digital line in 2019.’ (hereinafter referred to as: Competition).

The Competition is open by the 20th of March, 2020 until 12 hrs. The organiser retains the right to prolong the duration of the Competition, advising all participants of it on the site of the company and Facebook page of Plantaže (13 Jul-Plantaže) within seven days from the day of expiry of the Competition, at the latest.

The students of all Montenegrin faculties may take part in the Competition. The participants of the Competition should be registered as the group of authors, each registered group having at least one student of design from some of the following faculties ( Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje –Study course Graphic Design, Faculty of Design and Multimedia of the University of Donja Gorica –UDG, Faculty of Arts UDG and Faculty of Visual Arts of the Mediterranean University).

The students’teams, consisting of 3 members, at least, may take part in the Competition.


The participants apply for the participation at the Competition by sending their works to the email address: or by submitting their works to the Records office of Plantaže (Put Radomira Ivanovića 2, 81000 Podgorica) every working day in the period from 8-14 hrs.

All submitted works shall be reviewed by the jury, appointed by the Organiser. Having reviewed all submitted works, the committee, appointed by the Organiser shall bring a decision on the selection of 5 best works that will enter the second round of the Competition.

Organiser retains the right to eliminate the improper proposals.

Information on the selected/awarded works and authors shall be available to the public.

Organiser shall determine later the date and place where the presentation of 5 best works shall be made. Organiser should inform of it the members of the author groups that passed into the closest round , 5 days, at least, prior to the final presentation of the works.

Organiser shall not be responsible in case that the site,containing the information on the Competition ( is out of order, temporarily, due to force majeure, ie due to the reasons beyond the control of the Organiser.

            1. JURY

Organiser of the Competition shall bring the final decision on the winner of the Competition.

            1. CRITERIA

Idea, access and methodology of work

Creativity, idea


I Award –  € 500 + Wine Route Program Matching Wine with Food ’Barrique menu’ + a bottle of ultra premium wine 0,75 l Vranac Reserve for each member of the team ;

II Award – € 300 + Wine Route Program ’Montenegro- Country of Wines’ + a bottle of premium wine 0,75 l Vladika for each member of the team ;

III Award -€ 200 + Wine Route Program ’Montenegrin Tasting’ + a bottle of premium wine 0,75 l Vlanac pro Corde for each member of the team ;

The awarded authors do not have the right to request the other award than the one, defined in the rules of this competition.


               THE AWARD

In accordance with the objectives of the Competition, the authors of the awarded solutions agree, ie consider undisputable:

  • possibility of exposing the awarded solutions at the fairs, presentations and exhibitions, attended by the company Plantaže
  • obligation to co-operate with the Organiser in case that the need for the correction of the awarded solution ,due to technical-technological limits,occurs.


Organiser is also obliged to:

  • act in good faith  in all that is related to the use of the names and solutions of the awarded authors;
  • bring the decision on the awarded works/authors within 30 days, at the latest, from the day of closing the Competition;


  • Applying to the Competition, the authors guarantee that they are the original creators of the idea. Any dispute that may occur, related to the authorship, is solely the responsibilty of the author.
  • Applying to the Competition and accepting the denoted award, in case of the selection of the competition solution for one of the awards, the authors agree that the Organsier retains the right for further disposal of design in promotional and potentially commercial purposes, of which he shall sign the statement as the condition for being awarded with the prize.
  • The awarded participants agree that their selected solution may be applied in public or on the promotional purposes as a primt, audio, photo and video material without any time, territory or other limits and without fee.


  • Organiser retains the right to modify these rules with the obligation to notify all participants of it, duly at the page  PlantažeFacebook and the company site within 24 hours, prior to their coming in to effect.