Plantaže at Sarajevo Wine Festival

The company 13 Jul-Plantaže has taken part in the 13th International wine and gastronomy festival called ’Sarajevo Vino Fest’, held at the hotel ’Holiday’ in the period 6-7th of February.

Among fifty exhibitors,Plantaže presented in Sarajevo the program of its premium and ultra premium wines that may be found at the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Plantaže attracted the attention of numerous visitors with its wine and tourist offer.

A well educated public , already accustomed with all our labels, had an opportunity, during two days of the festival, to taste the sparkling wine, made by the classical , traditional method Val rose, made of the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, then the white wines Pro Anima Pinot Blanc, Pro Anima Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc , gold winning Crnogorska Malvazija and in public’s opinion, the most favourite Chardonnay at the fair – Chardonnay Barrique. The visitors had also excellent comments and feedback  at the rose wine Regina Jelena Savojska, whom many visitors saw here for the first time.

As for the reds, Plantaže presented a great part of its best wines, from the quality leading program. Besides Vranac pro Corde and gold winning Epoha from the premium segment, visitors could also taste Vladika, the wine appreciated as one of the most popular wines in Sarajevo which stunned visitors regarding the quality value ratio and the tasting of Vranac Barrique and Vranac Reserve made the ’longest queues’ by the wine aficionados. The tasting of the archive wine Premijer 2009 made a special delight to visitors. This wine was presented last, for reason, as one of the visitors said, each wine from the offers of all wineries and exhibitors that follows it, would be incomplete!  

During the fair, both evenings, Plantaže organised the promotions and dinners of matching wine and food in the prestigious Sarajevo restaurants. On the 6th of February, Friday, the professional tasting was held for about fifty guests and on that occasion six wine labels were presented with matching food courses in one of the most beautiful Sarajevo restaurants- Golf klub. The next evening, Plantaže organised the promotion of Crnogorska Malvazija and Epoha in the traditional Sarajevo restaurant ’Stare Vrbe’.

This event, as the previous evening in the restaurant Golf klub, was an occasion to present also the programs of Wine Route which will be available for all aficionados of the wine tourism this year, at Šipčanik.