What is terroir?

Section: education/wine 

We have said many times and the aficionados of the wines of the company 13 Jul-Plantaže heard: ’ We are proud of our TERROIR’, we are proud of our Ćemovsko polje, our vineyards, our cellars and our wines’…

Plantaže harvest 2019, Ćemovsko polje, Podgorica 

TERROIR is the untranslatable French term used in the winemaking which represents the synthesis of: climate, geology, topography, tradition, knowledge and know-how regarding the grapevine growing and wine production!

It is based on the French wine appelation system-Appellation d’ Origine Controlee AOC that became the model for the laws and appelations in the whole world, implying, before all, the country, soil and grape variety as well as the special features related to all three terms.

It implies the differences among the wine regions or viticultural areas, even different sections of the same viticultural areas and potential of their different wines by quality and style with the grapes from the same viticultural area as well as the potential of different vineyards and different regions to produce different wines from the same grape variety. 

The factors that have the greatest influence on the terroir identity are:

  • Climate
  • Soil
  • Topography( height, slope and soil position
Plantaže harvest 2019, Ćemovsko polje, Podgorica 

In the final launching the wines in the market, its recognition, marketing and price, terroir has an influence on :

  • The product and branding;
  • Possibilities of different prices because of the quality of different terroir in different harvests;
  • Old World/ New World / Vinification techniques:
  • The food terroir/ wine terroir.

We are proud of the power of our terroir that integrates all characteristics for the production of quality  wines, long lasting tradition, cellars and our vineyard Ćemovsko polje –We are proud of our Terroir .

Miroslav Radojčin, educational consultant and sommelier 13 Jul – Plantaže a.d.