Montenegro has a local product of a very good quality –Plantaže company is a leader in wine making in the region

    Executive director of the company 13 Jul-Plantaže, Verica Maraš addressed at Hotel Bianca in Kolašin yesterday on the occasion of Montenegrin Businessmen meeting with the representatives of the  hoteliers and trade chains, organised by Chamber of Economy of  Montenegro in co-operation with the relevant ministries, National Tourist Organisation and  Investment Development Fund.

The objective of this event was a contribution to the affirmation and better positioning of  Montenegrin products and services at the local market as well as promotion of the winners at a recently closed Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

This year Montenegrin producers achieved a remarkable success at the greatest and most  remarkable Agro Expo in Central and Southeastern Europe. An exquisite quality of the products of 36 companies from our country won 163 awards at the Fair , 34 more than in 2018.Winning a prestigious award ’Leader in wine making in the Region’ ,the company 13 Jul-Plantaže confirmed once again the status of the favourite brand in consumer’s eyes from these regions.

Executive director of  Plantaže, Verica Maraš addressed the visitors in the name of all awarded Montenegrin producers. You may read how she addressed  all present :


It is my great honour and satisfaction to address  you, in the name of Montenegrin, agricultural producers who have had a very remarkable presentation at Novi sad Fair this year, as well. As we have already mentioned, they won even 163 awards for the quality of Montenegrin products. On this occasion I wish to congratulate to all Montenegrin producers who proved by their presentations at the most remarkable Agro Expo in Central and Southeastern Europe that the quality of our products , in all fields of agricultural production, is increasing from day to day, showing potentials and values of Montenegrin economy.

On this occasion, I wish , in the name of all agricultural producers, to express my gratitude to  Ministry of Agriculture, relevant ministries, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and ID Fund for the possibility of joint presentation of Montenegrin exhibitors. This is of a particular relevance for small agricultural producers who may in this way find the way to more demanding markets and consumers all around region, considering that Novi Sad Fair, as such,  represents an extraordinary opportunity for promotion of Montenegrin products, exchange of experience, making deals as well as boosting and promoting future co-operation.

 We hope that with such activities, implying synergy of all relevant institutions in the country, we will contribute to further increase of the local production, strengthening of confidence in Montenegrin products, creating new working positions and growth of the profit of the local producers.

We are particularly glad witht he fact that viticultural-wine making sector achieved very remarkable results, bearing in mind that Montenegrin viticulturists , wine makers and grape brandy producers won Grand Champion cup as well numerous gold, silver and bronze medals. Plantaže is the winner of Champion cup and recognition ’Leader in the Region’ in the field of viticulture which represents for us a special honour, because we confirmed once again the quality and leadership at such an important market for us. I hope you will not mind when I point out, on this occasion, that a good voice of Plantaže wines has rung for a long time, not only in the Region but also in many world capitals. After return from Novi Sad Fair, the awards for the quality of our wines have arrived from the most remarkable world contest Decanter in London, at which we won even 7 medals. And, as we like to say, ’the most handsome kid’ from our wine cellars Vranac Reserva 2013 proved its domination and by its gold in London, it made the Montenegrin nation delighted. That is the way that we want to all of you!  We wish Montenegrin products position better both at local and international markets and let us all together be the wind at the back of dynamic development of Montenegrin agriculture.

I would like to take this opportunity to address , in the name of all Montenegrin agricultural   producers , the representatives  of HoReca sector as well as to the representatives of the trade chains and in the name of all, to appeal that all of them boost with their business policies and contribute to greater and better market share of the local products. In that manner you will contribute to better recognition and more succesful launching of local products and give a  considerable contribution to further strengthening and growth of strong Montenegrin economy as well as improving the quality of life of all our citizens.