Gala dinner at the restaurant Madera in Belgrade

It was in the restaurant Madera, one of the most prestigious restaurants in Belgrade with very famous tradition of matching food with wine, that the winery Plantaže hosted, expertly led by the sommelier Miroslav Radojčin,a great number of business partners and representatives from the wine world and wine business.

The owners of the most famous vinotheques- Srpska kuća vina (’ Serbian Wine House’) , Wine Art, managers and owners of the leading restaurants: Madera, Durmitor, Jarry, Tabor…. Ambassador to Montenegro in Serbia, Minister of Culture in the Government of Montenegro, founders of the Belgrade Wine Exhibition, sommeliers, were only a few of the guests at the mentioned dinner.

Marketing and sales director, Veselin Djurišić, the host of the dinner, devoted to the great success of the winery Plantaže for 55 years of operation as well as to those, achieved this year all around the world  for quality and hedonism, found for every guest a few proper words and the wine and food spoke for themselves.

In six gangs, where the food was partly on the principles of the molecular cuisine, the complexity of the flavours of the bites was followed by the wines: Monteengrin Malvazija 2017, Pro Anima Pinot Blanc 2016, Vranac Reserve 2011, Epoha 2012, Stari podrum Vranac 2013 as well as Premier 2009 with the dessert, while the sparkling wines Val Rose’ 2015 and Val Extra dry were served for the welcome.

Numerous and exclusive specialties were in specially tailored menu for this occasion, such as: chanterelle cream with porcioni mushroom ragu, roasted beetroot and beefsteak salad,entrecote in forest fruit sauce, roe deer ragu and so on. All in all, symphony of harmoniously tuned taste sensations for perfect mood.