The company 13.jul-Plantaže owns two restaurants : Jezero and Mareza in the vicinity of Podgorica, based on the authentic Montenegrin cuisine, namely on the cuisine of the area, encompassing the sea, mountains and beautiful Lake Skadar near Podgorica.
Thr exquisite menu of our restaurants is accompanied with a very rich wine list, containing all wines, produced by Plantaže- from white, fresh or barrique through refreshing,fruity rose to powerful, red wines and champagne, sparkling and special, sweet wines. For the end, there is an authentic Montenegrin grape variety. A special offer consists of the selection of wine by glass as well as the selection of the selected harvests that may be found in our restaurants only.


Jezero is a prestigious restaurant of the company 13.jul-Plantaže. It is located on the very shore of Lake Skadar on the primary route Podgorica-Bar, in the heart of the National park.

      Jezero      Jezero

Besides numerous national and in international specialties, the menu of the restaurant Jezero offers an authentic experience of the Montenegrin cuisine.The vicinity of the sea makes possible that fresh sea food and the most noble kinds of the Adriatic fish, prepared by the wish of a guest are always in the restaurant menu , but it is the unique specialties from the restaurant Jezero, made of the carp and the bleak,that makes this restaurant outstanding.
The restaurant organises all kinds of family and business gatherings as well as the lake cruising in the tourist season, with the lunch or dinner in the boat. This restaurant offers special discounts for the organised groups.
Anyway, the guests may purchase all wines and brandies of Plantaže next to the restaurant, in a specific vinotheque, located in the the rock by Lake Skadar.


Restaurant “Jezero”
Petrovački put bb, Vranjina
Tel: +382 20 879 106; +382 67 619 603



On the fifth kilometer from Podgorica, in the untouched beauty, there is a restaurant highly renowned, with long tradition and high quality –Mareza. The cool shade of old poplar trees and the brooks, surrounding it, make an authentic ambience of one of the most popular vacation places, in which a particular attention is paid to the children, that may enjoy in a specially equipped children’s play space as well as in the menu, prepared for them only.
Mareza is famous for its rich national and international cuisine, and there are original chowders, roast under sač (metal big cover, bell-shaped), grilled specialties on the charcoal, sea and lake fish and different, tasteful delicacies.The specialties, made of the fresh trouts, taken for the guests directly from the fish pond by the restaurant, represent a special gastronomic experience in Mareza.

vlcsnap-2013-11-18-15h56m56s93      Plantaze Restorani      Plantaze Restorani      Plantaze Restorani

The restaurant Mareza is famous for its organisation of different celebrations, weddings, bithdays and other ceremonies which become unforgettable with the delicious food and top service in the unique ambience. On weekends, Mareza organises regularly a rich music program.

It is the long existence, authencity, premium cuisine and particularly, the respect towards the guests that make Mareza standing out as a restaurant with a special soul.


Restaurant “Mareza”
Mareza bb, Podgorica
Tel: +382 20 511 031
Email: plantaze.mareza@t-com.me