Stari Podrum Petit verdot-Vranac-Merlot

Stari podrum

Opulent and powerful southern wine, expressing the best properties of the grapevine Vranac, Merlot and Petit Verdot. Strong, red wine of the exceptional structure, fruity style.

Stari podrum 2011 Petit verdot-Vranac-Merlot

Modern wine, fruity character. The flavours of sour cherry, blackberry and forest fruit and spicy toems in the background. Powerful,extracted,good balance with soft tannins and longlasting finish, dominated by the flavours of sour cherry and small forest fruit, perfectly integrated with the oak tones.


Temperature: 16-18oC.

Glass: large glass with wide bowl


It is recommended with all types of beef steaks, grilled chop, stewed and fried red meat, pork, lamb meat, veal, the meat prepared in the red sauce. It is an excellent match for mature cheese.


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Stari podrum 2011  Petit verdot- Vranac- Merlot


The best harvest in last twenty years (2011). Extremely favourable weather conditions in this year made the grape yield considerably less as well as its superb quality. In the ripening period of the grapes, the berries on the grapevines dried partly. It contributed to an extraordinary concentration and richness of opulent flavours, polyphenolic and colloidal substances, transformed into wine by the state-of the-art technology. If you add to it the selection of the grapes, manually picked, from the special localities of Ćemovsko polje, then it is clear why this wine shows all opulence and richness of the very varieties, but also the character of this area.The harvest that gave the best wines.


Viticultural areas/strong>: Valley of Lake Skadar , Podgorica’s subregion

Location: Ćemovsko polje, microlocality Šipčanik, Bunar 7

Size of the vineyard: 60 ha

Exposition: South

Soil: high skeletal soil; alcaline reaction with great quantity of total carbonates

Planting density: 2.6mx1m

Growing type: bilateral cordon with mixed pruning; necessary suckering and bunch thinning.One shoot is one bunch of grapes.

Average age of the grapevines: 15 years


Varietal composition: Vranac 60%, Merlot 30% , Petit Verdot 10%

Yield: 4-5t/ha

Harvest time: the end of September

Manner of harvest: manual

Vinification:  in the inox vats

Temperature of fermentation: 24-28°C

Duration of fermentation: 14 -20 days

Duration of maceration: 24 h cold maceration, 6-8 before the beginning of AF

Malolactic fermentation: yes, inoculation of the bacteria with the MLF bacteria

Aging: in the French oak barriques for 2 years, in the oak big barrels for 1 year, then in the bottle for 1 year

The duration of aging: 4 years

Chemical analysis: pH -3.50; total acids- 5.74g/l; alcohol-15 % vol.

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