Stari Podrum Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

A modern wine with fruity character.Cabernet Sauvignon 100%,made of the best grapes with the reduced yield and from the best micro locality (Šipčanik). It took four years to develop the flavours and modify the structure of this wine. It aged in the French oak barriques for one year, in big barrels, volume of 5.000 lit each (French oak)for two years and one year in the bottles, placed in the archive space of Stari podrum (Old Wine Cellar), 8 meters below the land surface.

Stari Podrum- Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

The wine of intense red ruby colour. A deep,multi-layered odour with ripe, black currants,blueberries and blackberries,interlaced with the notes of:mint,dark chocolate,coffee and cedar.On taste sweetish,succulent and full bodied with the pleasant flavours of prunes, blueberry and mild touch of spicy tones.Well balanced with crisp acidity and long, fruity aftertaste.


Temperature: 16-18° C

Glass: a large glass with wide bowl


Matched with dishes,prepared with veal,young beef and lamb in the traditional ’sach’ or with the stewed meat,prepared with creamy sauces or spices, such as: rosemary, basil and thyme.


Stari podrum-Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


Harvest 2012 was very succesful. Meteorological parameters, as a whole, were very favourable which contributed to the exquisite quality of the grape yield. The yields were considerably reduced by the application of proper agrotechnical measures. The grapes were of the excellent sanitary condition with good phenolic ripeness and optimal ratio of sugar and acids.


Viticultural area: Montenegrin basin of Lake Skadar; Podgorica subregion

Vineyard location: Ćemovsko polje, Šipčanik micro locality

Size of the vineyard: 7,83 ha

Exposition: south

Soil: extremely skeletal soil; fluvio-glacial sediments

Planting density:  2.6 m x 0.70 m;

Growing type: unilateral cordon, 8 buds per vine, one shoot- one grape bunch Average age of the grapevines: 10 years


Varietal composition: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Yield:  7 t/ha

Harvest time: first half of September

Manner of harvest: manual

Vinification: vinification in the inox vat-fermenter

Temperature of fermentation: 23-25 °C

Duration of fermentation: 15 days

Duration of maceration: 15 days

Malolactic fermentation:yes, inoculation of the bacteria for MLF bacteria

Aging: in the French oak barriques for 1 year, in the oak big barrels for 2 years, then in the bottle for 1 year

The duration of aging: 4   years

Chemical analysis: pH -3.56; total acids- 6.12 g/l; alcohol-14,5 % vol.


zlatoStari Podrum Cabernet 2012, Gold medal (95 points), Decanter World Wine Awards, Great Britain

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