Montenegrin Rose

Crnogorski Rose


Crnogorski RoseVivacious and elegant dry wine, pink colour with the reflection of the crystaline limpidity. It is made of the grapes of the red wine grape varieties, grown in Ćemovsko polje, by the technological procedure, applied in the production of white wines.

Montenegrin Rose 2014

Intense scent of raspberry, currant and wild rose. Mellow and balanced on taste. The acids are mild, fruity, giving the impression of pleasant crispness, while the silky texture highlights the feelings of mellowness and savouriness, resembling rose-flavoured Turkish sweet delight. Long lingering refreshing taste of the raspberry bonbons in the aftertaste.


Temperature: 10-12°C

Glass: narrow open glass, tulip-shaped


Rose is an ideal aperitif , but also it accompanies very well different spring and summer light salads, fish pates, smoked meat. It goes very well with grilled dishes.

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Montenegrin Rose 2014


Regularly good harvest concerning quality and yield of the grapes. The weather conditions for grape ripening were favourable. The grapes were sound.


Viticultural areas: Valley of Lake Skadar , Podgorica’s viticultural area

Location: Ćemovsko polje, microlocality Aerodrom

Exposition : North-South

Soil: shallow,skeletal

Planting density: 2.60×0.80;  2.60×0.70;  2.80×0.90

Growing type: bilateral horizontal cordon, unilateral Guyot

Average age of the grapevines: 5 – 15 years


Varietal composition: Vranac, Grenache

Yield: 2.5-3 kg per vine (8.5-10 t/ha)

Harvest time: the second half of August and the first half of September

Manner of harvest: manual

Vinification: fermentation in the inox vats

Temperature of fermentation: up to 17 oC

Duration of fermentation: 10-20 days

Duration of maceration: maceration in the press 2-4 hours for Grenache and for Vranac – taking out the liquid part immediately upon the crushing

Malolactic fermentation: NO

Aging: in the inox vats, the wine aging on the fine lees, becoming enriched with mannoproteins and polysaccharides, contributing to the fullness of taste.

The duration of aging: 6-12 months in the inox vats

Chemical analysis: pH -3.2; total acids- 7.2g/l; alcohol-12.5 % vol.

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