Montenegrin Krstač

Krstač is the autochtonous Montenegrin white grape variety, grown from ancient times in the vineyards of Podgorica viticultural area. It originates from Beri and now it exists only in our vineyards in Ćemovsko polje and all efforts to transfer it to other areas were fruitless. It has a characteristic berry size and form of the cluster, resembling a cross, after which it got its name. It is of a particularly selected grapes that the authentic white wine of extraordinary freshness has been made.

Montenegrin Krstač 2015

This wine is on the edge between Mediterranean and continental type. It is light golden yellow colour with greenish reflection. Light, potable, crisp and balanced wine with the characteristic varietal flavours of peach and pear and tones of flowers and Mediterranean spice herbs , complemented with mineral, salty notes in the aftertaste.


Temperature: 10°C

Glass: narrow open glass, tulip-shaped


Fish and Sea Fruits Appetizers, light chowders, sea and river fish, poultry, less spiced, soft, white cheese. Well chilled, Krstač represents the ideal aperitif.

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Montenegrin Krstač 2015


Regularly good harvest concerning quality and yield of the grapes.The grapes were sound and of a good structure. The harvest was done by night (because of the lower temperatures) which had a postive impact on the freshness and aromas and flavours of wine.


Viticultural areas: Valley of Lake Skadar , Podgorica’s viticultural area

Location:  Ćemovsko polje, microlocalities: Nikolj Crkva, Šipčanik, Tuzi, Dinoš, Cijevna bunar 7

Size of the vineyard : 75.30 ha

Exposition: North-South and Southeast-Northwest

Soil: skeletal with over 2.500 hours annually

Planting density:  2.60×0.70; 2.60×0.90; 2.60×1.00

Growing type:  unilateral and bilateral Guyot

Average age of the grapevines:  from 5 to 35 years


Yield: 2.5-3 kg per vine ( 8.5-10 t/ha)

Harvest time: first half of September

Manner of harvest: manual

Vinification : fermentation in the inox vats

Temperature of fermentation: up to 18 oC

Duration of fermentation: 10-20 days

Malolactic fermentation: NO

Aging: in the inox vats, the wine aging on the fine lees, becoming enriched with mannoproteins and polysaccharides, contributing to the fullness of taste.

The duration of aging: 6-12 months in the inox vats

Chemical analysis: pH -3.11; total acids- 6.26 g/l; alcohol-13.11 % vol.



Krstac 2011, Silver medal, AWC Vienna, Austria


Krstac 2010, Silver medal, Jadranski sajam Budva, Montenegro


Krstac 2009, Silver medal, Jadranski sajam Budva, Montenegro

Krstac 2009, Gold medal, International Fair Novi Sad, Serbia


Krstac 2008, Gold medal, Jadranski sajam Budva, Montenegro

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