Crnogorski Prvijenac (Montenegrin First-born)


Crnogorski PrvijenacCrnogorski Prvijenac (Montenegrin First-born) is a colourless, hard alcoholic drink with over 50% vol% alc, very potable, harmonious,with mildly developed ,typical wine scent.On taste full and rich. In Podgorica’s viticultural area, from the selected harvest of Vranac, upon the alcoholic fermentation, the total quantity of the crushed grapes is distilled in the copper distillation devices. The best distillates are separated and they mature one year ,at least,in the inert material vats.By selection of the grape varieties Vranac and Kratošija, fine distillates age one year, at least, developing a specific, varietal aroma with the balanced taste, longlasting and full. It is recommended as an aperitif or a digestive, cooled at 4-6°C.If it is served as an aperitif, it is usually served with salted sticks, salted crackers and salted, roasted almonds and peanuts. If it is served as a digestive, it is the best with dried figs and walnuts.
Package: 1 lit


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