Crnogorska lozova rakija (Montenegrin grape brandy)


lozova_rakija1Crnogorska lozova rakija (Montenegrin grape brandy)
is a hard, alcoholic drink with over 47% vol% alc, very potable, harmonious, mildly developed, made from the grape varieties Vranac and Kratošija. It is an autochtonous Montenegrin product, classified as a natural brandy. It is made by the distillation of the whole crushed grapes. By combination and selection of the distillates and aging in the inox tanks at low temperatures, these distillates become balanced,expressing the aromas, particular for the autochtonous Montenegrin variety Vranac. It is served well cooled at the temperature 4-5 ° C. It is recommended both as an aperitif and a digestive. In Montenegro, it is traditionally served with dried figs, raisins and walnuts. It may also be used for making cocktails

Package: 1 lit

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