On Tuesday, on the 18th of September 2018, we had a great honour to host Master Sommelier, Mr Eric Zwiebel and Head Sommelier of the complex Regent Montenegro,Mr Miroslav Kalinić.

G.Zwiebel, born in Alsace, living and working in England who has acquired the title of Master Sommelier (the highest level that is possible to reach in this business) since 2002 and accompanied by Mr Kalinić who had an opportunity to compete at the most prestigious contests and who lived and worked in Cyprus for a long time, expressed the wish to visit our company and get acquainted with the news from Plantaže.

The visit began from the place where all started. Accompanied by technologists, they visited with enthusiasm the labyrinth of Stari podrum, dating from 1963. We had an honour to present the wines to the guests that may not be found in the sales which are the results of microvinifications and numerous experiments, so that Marselan, Petit Verdot, blend Merlot and Cabernet and two clones of Vranac may be found before the expert guests. It is not necessary to speak how much the guests were delighted with the clones of Vranac. It is obvious that Vranac with the reduced yield has its trump cards.We also have it, but we saved a couple of them for the end. A special attention of the wine connoisseurs was drawn by Petit Verdot for which they pointed out that it is the wine which has a great potential, not only in the blend, but also as a clean, varietal wine.

The next stop in the Wine Route was the Šipčanik cellar.During his rich career, Mr.Zwiebel visited a lot of wine cellars, but he was also impressed by grandeur of this facility.The following wines were tasted by this order: Vrhunski Krstač, Malvazija, Pinot Blanc, Epoha and Vranac Reserve in the end.

From there, through the vineyard, by many grapevines, planted in such a famous Ćemovsko polje, the visit was continued in our restaurant Jezero and there is a unique view to the national park Lake Skadar, spreading from its terrace.

It was followed by ‘pairing’ of food and wines (the word ‘marriage’ is mostly used by the Frenchmen for this wonderful match), so the guests  continued with summarizing of the impressions with the wines: Val Rose’, Malvazija (recommendation of our guests was that this wine matches superbly with the specialties of the Asian cuisine), Luča, wine Regina (exclusive, new rose wine that will soon be found in sales), Stari podrum Cabernet Sauvignon (gold medal at Decanter in London in 2017).

In the end, Medun found its place, as usual with the dessert.

It is hard to describe how much important such visits are for every serious winery, how many precious experiences we get from day to day, creating inseparable wine threads and our dear guests will certainly carry with them another more memory of this visit , conveying far away a good voice and visionary heritage- never ending story.

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