Proposing a Toast to ‘Sharks’ in the Wine Cellar Šipčanik

On the 10th of July 2018. in the wine cellar Šipčanik, the head coach of Water Polo Federation of Montenegro, Dejan Bajić and executive director of Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG) Igor Noveljić, signed the Contract on the General Sponsorship before the upcoming European championship and continued multidecade successful co-operation.

On this occasion, the authentic ambiance of the unique wine cellar in Europe showed as an ideal place for an important sports business occasion  and a proper celebration which promotes in the best way the Montenegrin sports and our country,generally all over the world.

‘When you mention Montenegrin water polo, the first picture that I have is Vladimir Gojković , swimming counter attack with injured shoulder and scoring the goal in the moment when all wondered if his career was in jeopardy. That power, loyalty and will stayed as a memory for all times. I wish the guys all the best in Barcelona, to have a heart of their selector and I believe it so. Montenegro is proud of them and EPCG is proud to be a sponsor and it may support all their efforts .I am sure you will come with your head up, because you have already deserved our respect for many times’, Noveljić said .

The head coach of Water Polo Federation of Montenegro, Dejan Bajić thanked EPCG for supporting Waterpolo Federation of Montenegro for many years and pointed out: ‘ It is clear to all that without such a powerful sponsor we could not fulfill all obligations that we have towards different selections. I hope that we will return all to EPCG and citizens of Montenegro with the medals that we win. This year, we have already made Montenegro delighted with the medals and now there is the main European Championsip from which we expect good news. These guys have courage and knowledge and with some luck, we hope to hear good news from Barcelona’.

In the name of the company Plantaže, the representative of the domestic sales, Vladan Savović wished luck to Montenegrin water polo players at the upcoming European competition, pointing out that behind Plantaže which celebrates this year 55 years of its existence, there are tradition, quality and numerous awards at the most prestigious wine fairs. ‘We wish to ‘Sharks’ to win gold medal in Barcelona like the company Plantaže that won gold medal at Decanter in 2017 with ‘Stari Podrum Cabernet Sauvignon 2012’, said Savović .

Selector Vladimir Gojković pointed out that the team waits readily the start of the Championship which will be played in the period from the 15th-28th of July in Barcelona:

‘ We have been for a long time together.It is the players who played in the right manner. We have done well, we did a lot from what we have planned to do. Those two medals increased our self confidence. Now, we expect the final act,the most important competition for this summer. We will try in the next 5-6 days to continue with the games from the previous period’, concluded Gojković.

The captain Draško Brguljan thanked to EPCG for a multiannual support: ‘I think that we prepared very well, we played two good tournaments, acquired additional self confidence which is very important before a great competition. We, the players, promise to give our best, starting from France, then Malta and Spain and we hope till the very end. We have a great wish to make a big result.’

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