In the co-operation with the National Tourist Organization of Montenegro and the office of our Honorary Consul in Japan , the company Plantaže  represented Vranac to the public there, at the Global Festival of Peace and Tourism in Tokyo.

Festival, organized at the Boat of Peace offered the opportunity to the visitors to get acquainted better with the tourist potential of Montenegro as well as with Montenegro as a small country of great wines and ascending wine destination .

At its upcoming journey, Boat of peace will sail in the Port of Kotor from the domicile port of Yokohama on the 17th of September 2017. Regarding this, this festival was an opportunity  for the potential tourists from Japan to represent and show them the natural wealth, culture, heritage as well as eno-gastro offer of Montenegro.

The company Plantaže has accepted, with pleasure, the invitation for taking part in this festival, bearing in mind that this business year has been featured by opening new markets with Japan, standing out, where our wines have been exported considerably for the first time.

Several trial-test deliveries preceded it, which was accepted by the market very well. The Japanese market has been recognised as extremely demanding, but also as an up-and-coming market, regarding the fact that it has been the market with almost 130 million people who consume about 364 million liters of wine. The wines from Europe have the largest share in the import, which gives the excellent opportunities for the success to the Montenegrin wines, as well.  It is a very cautious and selective market which always, and first of all, insists on the quality. It is very important to have an excellent ratio of price and quality and the Japanese recognised the Plantaže wines as such. According to the distributors, the expectations are great and we hope to achieve a considerable increase of the export in the following period.

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