Plantaže as a Ten –Year Partner of the Festival ’Where Do I Call From’

The Company  has traditionally supported the Festival ’ Where Do I Call From, Podgorica 2018’ that lasted from the 27th of June to the 1st of July. The Festival was organised by the Bookshop Karver,under the auspices of the Ministery of Culture, Capital City and British Embassy in Montenegro.

The Tenth International Festival , at the plateau before the Bookshop Karver, was opened by the Minister of Culture, Aleksandar Bogdanović.

Talking about the importance of the Festival, Bogdanović pointed out that this event stands out from the standard cliche’ of the literary festivals. Besides various poetics, forms and literary expressions as well as permanent critical and theoretic discourse, an important segment of the Festival consists of film and music contents, said Bogdanović, which resulted all together in designed multimediality.

Bogdanović pointed out that is why the festival ’ Where Do I Call From’ must have its special place in all future strategies by which the dialogue among the cultures has been made, particularly in the segment of exchange of literary and artistic experiences among the nations from this region.

Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Montenegro, Alison Kemp, as the sponsor of the Festival pointed out that today the relations between these two countries are better than ever, considerably due to the streamlines of ideas and culture between Montenegro and Great Britain.’ One hundred and forty years ago, a message travelled a few weeks to reach London and posing for the photograph lasted a couple of hours. Now, the words and photographs are conveyed immediately. The festival ’Where Do I Call From’ helps us to turn back on how words, pronounced or written, together with other forms of culture from far places and from the home country enrich us all’, said Ambassador Kemp.

Our company has recognised the importance of this cultural form since its establishment. It is this year that the guests and festival organisers have been hosted on the 28th of June in wine cellar Šipčanik. It was about 50 guests that enjoyed the stories, presented for the Festival by the artists, such as: Božo Koprivica, Varja Djukić, Kruno Lokotar, Zoran Ferić, Lena Ruth Stefanović, Olja Knežević, Slobodan Šabeljić and Olivera Tičević.

As every year, the stories were written by the announcement ’Vranac- The Best Short Story’ and all of them, including the winning ones, are published on the site Pleasant, cellar atmosphere , with a glass of wine and good story, made this festival gathering a special one. Warm greetings from Montenegro were conveyed to the guests through presents – wine packages of Vranac pro Corde which has been a particular and qualitative story, by itself, lasting for years back, winning again the hearts of the connoisseurs throughout the region and out of it…

On this occasion, the Festival organiser, a writer Varja Djukić pointed out a selfless effort and co-operation of our company at the promotion of the festival and announcement ’ ’Vranac- The Best Short Story’ which will surely develop and be promoted more in the following years.

The company is proud because the Festival ’Where Do I Call From’ promoted during the last decade the works of the Montenegrin writers who are the base of our cultural heritage as well as the directors, scenarists, young writers, painters, comic book masters and all those who continue today to search for the new expression.

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