It was on the site of the Operational program of ’ Development of Human Resources’ in 2012-2013 that the IPA  PLANTAŽE  PROJECT – AFFIRMATION OF VITICULTURAL AREAS AND WINE PRODUCTION THROUGH THE PROMOTION OF WINE CULTURE IN MONTENEGRO – CFCU /MNE/ 017 (implemented within the grant scheme ’ Knowledge Tranfer Among Sectors of High Education, Research and Industry’, measure 2.2 ’ Support to the Improvement of Innovative Capacities of High Education, Research and Industry’) was published as a success story.

The objectives of the Project, promotion and spreading wine culture, increase of the competitivness of vine growing and wine making in Montenegro as well as the increase of the level of consciousness in the expert and wide audience on the significance of vine growing and wine making in Montenegro were achieved through specfic project tasks: strengthening of  vine growing and wine making production, strengthening of service and offer in the HORECA system,  knowledge transfer, covering viticulture and wine making , to the private producers, improvement of local wineries and wines in Montenegro as well as strengthening of the cooperation among wine producers, tourist organisations and catering sector.

It was on the site of the European Commission that the information on the project OPTIMISATION OF IRRIGATION OF GRAPEVINE were published as the example of good practice in the service use for precise irrigation in our company.

It is the development project that our company realises for the optimisation of irrigation and irrigation norms, aiming at better physiological status  of the grapevine and reduction of the irrigation costs related to the soils of different composition with the help of particular services with sensors that will give more precise information on the range of soil moisture, defining of the optimal moment for irrigation and necessary amounts of water to the grapevine in single phases of its development. The data may be followed through mobile and web application.


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